Facilitator Tools

Overview of Tools of Facilitators

Facilitators use the Facilitators Tools to:

  • Create and maintain their facilitator profile
  • Set their schedule availability
  • View official class roster – including potential learners who have yet to accept their enrollment invitation
  • Enter final grades
  • (eventually) See survey results

Access these tools by logging into PBS TeacherLine, go to My Courses, and click on Facilitator Tools.

My Facilitator Profile


  • Status: Active, Retired, Reserved. (Set by staff)
  • Resume, letter, Transcript: allows files to be uploaded
  • Certifications, affiliations – set by admin.
  • Bio: needs to have text
  • Email, phone
  • Additional experience
  • Degree details
  • Subject Area Certifications: select as many as apply
  • Related certification: select as many as apply
  • Grades

Facilitator Availability

Facilitators can set their availability up to 4 terms ahead. They are listed in chronological order. New terms appear as old terms are closed.

At this time – this information is only used by national staff to schedule facilitators.

Current Facilitated Courses

This section lists all current courses facilitated by that user. The title enters to the course, the details goes to the catalog details of the course – including the syllabus.

Click on the button Manage Section

The official roster is shown. Names, email, phone numbers are listed for all users. Outstanding Enrollment Reservations lists all users who have yet to accept their enrollment invitation. Additional participants list all facilitators and observers.

There is a course email list that can be copied into an email message. There is a link to ‘open a new email’ to the entire class.

Each learner needs to receive a final grade. If a learner did not drop/withdraw – yet did not earn a passing grade – assign them an F. Once all learners have a grade – the course is completed. Grades may be entered during the last week of the course, up to 7 days after the course end date. Grades may be edited up until the 7th day after the course end date.


Q & A

Q.  How can a facilitator change the end date?

          A. Facilitators of local offerings should have the station staff change the end date BEFORE the end date (or have the station staff submit a help ticket if it is already past the end date.) Facilitators of national offerings should submit a help ticket.


Q. What all is dependent on the course end date?

          A. Survey access, grad credit registration time frame, course access, and grade submission.


Q. How can a facilitator change a grade after the 7th day after the course end date?

          A. The facilitator can submit a help ticket – and include the exact course number, learner name and email, and correct final grade.


Q. Can Facilitators drop/withdraw learners?

          A. No. There are legal and financial ties to dropping/withdrawing a learner. Contact your station staff or national staff if needed.


Q. Can facilitators see who has enrolled in graduate credit?

          A. Not at this time. Learners can submit a help ticket if they aren’t sure – or contact the provider for verification.

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