Creating Customized Certificates

The following guidelines are meant to make the request and creation of custom certificates for local course completion easier and faster. If you have special needs, technical questions, or other inquiries, contact PBS TeacherLine for assistance.


Required Images

  • Station logo
    • This should be the logo you want to appear in the upper-right corner of the certificate.
  • Signature
    • This is the signature of the station representative you wish to appear on the certificates.

Required Text

  • Signature Text
    • Name of signatory (e.g. "John Q. Public")
    • Title of signatory (e.g. "Director of Education")
  • Permanent Custom Text
    • This is text that will show up in the lower left corner of your certificate for all courses.
    • Do not confuse this with your course-specific custom text. Upon ordering a section, you may configure a certificate and specify custom text to be added immediately above your permanent custom text. (See sample template.)


File Format Specifications

  • JPG format, black and white or grayscale
  • Minimum resolution: 150dpi
  • Maximum resolution: 300dpi
  • Minimum dimensions: 480px  (or 2.5" print dimensions) wide
  • Maximum dimensions: 800px  (or 5" print dimensions) wide

Be sure you have the right software & settings

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