How can I edit my course profile?

Your profile is your identity in your course. All course users can see it, including your facilitators.

To Edit Your Profile

To access your profile, click on your name next to the "Logout" link at the top of the screen, or the 'Profile' link in the 'Administration' block. You have the option to edit your profile, see your forum posts, view your activity reports and facilitator feedback, and more.

Picture of: If you would like to include a user icon with your profile use the "Browse" button next to the "New Picture" field to locate a picture. Uploaded image types supported include gif, jpg, and png. User pictures are resized during the upload process to 100px by 100px for the larger view and 35px by 35px for the smaller view. The Maximum file upload size is 128MB. Again, remember that this profile is accessible to all members of your course(s)—your professors and everyone else will be able to see this icon. The same caution is applicable to any personal description you might include.

TIP: The picture does not change? Or the picture will not change after repeated uploads of a new photo file? The most common solution is to refresh your browser cache. It is also possible the problem has to do with the server cache as well, and checking at a later time will result in success.

Picture Description: This text appears when the mouse rolls over the picture as a description.

Interests: List of interests: Use a comma between different interests. This allows you to connect with others who list similar interests.

Optional: The following optional profile fields are revealed by clicking the "Show Advanced" button:

  • Web page
  • ICQ number
  • Skype ID
  • AIM ID
  • Yahoo ID
  • MSN ID
  • ID number
  • Institution
  • Department
  • Phone
  • Mobile Phone
  • Address

Change Password: This is a button towards the bottom to take you to a standard area to submit a new password

Messages: This is a button towards the bottom to take you to a place to send messages to your contacts, remove contacts, and view message histories here. You can search within message history and tweak your message settings the way you want to receive them, how and when you want to be notified of new messages, and to what email address to get them if desired.

Forum Posts: You can view all of your created forum postings and discussions here. Navigation between posts and discussion topics is at the top of the page, and pagination for multiple pages is at the top and bottom of the page.

Activity Reports: This is simply another place to access your gradebook to view your grades as well as feedback on assignment submissions and forum posts.

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