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New Voyage Communications, Inc., is a multi-media company based in Washington, D.C. NVC was formed to create and distribute products for broadcast television, the Internet, and the non-theatrical video market. Currently in production are the public television documentary Korea: The Forgotten War, and a program on the life of cabaret singer Mabel Mercer. NVC also publishes and distributes books under its subsidiary, New Voyage Publishing. Current offers are Midnight at Mabel's: The Mabel Mercer Story, and an upcoming companion book to Korea: The Forgotten War.


Robert Uth
Robert Uth is a partner in New Voyage Communications. For the past twenty years he has been the Executive Director of National Productions, a full service television production and communications company in Washington, D.C. He has produced hundreds of programs for corporate and non-profit organizations worldwide. For National Productions, he wrote and directed other documentaries for PBS, including Living Double Lives, a look at the nuclear age, and The Spirit of Cooperation, about the cooperative movement in America. Uth has received the "Chris Award" for outstanding educational program and won first prize in the Casa de las Ciencas International Competition for Scientific Diffusion Videos.

Executive Producer,

Phylis Geller
Phylis Geller is a partner in New Voyage Communications. She was previously Head of Special Projects for Mandalay Media Arts, a high-definition television production company in Los Angeles. Prior to joining MMA , Geller was Senior Vice President of Cultural Programming and New Media at WETA, the PBS producing station in Washington, D.C. She supervised WETA's cultural programs for PBS, including Ken Burns' Thomas Jefferson , Lewis & Clark, and Frank Lloyd Wright, as well as the performance series The Kennedy Center Presents and In Performance at the White House. Documentary series included The Face of Russia, a coproduction with the Library of Congress. Geller also pioneered WETA's HDTV productions, including the Emmy-award winning Impressionists on the Seine and Van Gogh's Van Goghs, based on the landmark exhibit at the National Gallery of Art. Geller was formerly Senior Vice President of National Productions at KCET/Hollywood, where her projects included American Playhouse, The Astronomers, Secret Intelligence, Millennium and Trying Times, as well as numerous specials for Great Performances and NOVA. She has also served as Senior Vice President for National and International production at Maryland Public Television. Earlier in her career, she was a producer at WNET/New York, on the drama series Theater in America.

Senior Science Adviser:

Leland I. Anderson
Leland I. Anderson is an electrical engineer, author and renowned authority on Nikola Tesla. He has published numerous books and articles on the subject and has been a persistent researcher of Tesla and his technology since the 1950's. Anderson's books include Nikola Tesla on His Work with Alternating Currents and Nikola Tesla: Guided Weapons and Computer Technology.

Voice of Nikola Tesla:

Stacy Keach

Original Score
Composed by:

Charlie Barnett

Associate Producers:

Simonida Uth
Zoran Amar


Elizabeth Noone

Off-line Editors:

Michael Noble
Joseph Webster
Sophia Bogdanovich
Jeffery Borleis


Sergei Moskalev
Bill Turnley
Mel Henry


Thomas Kaufman


Thomas Goertel
Christopher Wright
Simonida Uth


Ellen Flattery, Corporate Media Marketing L.L.C.

A Production of:

New Voyage Communications

For Joshua and Nikola
© 2000 New Voyage Communications
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