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Are you wondering how the Buddha's teachings can resonate in your life? Explore the articles, interviews, stories, and images in Faces of Buddha to learn more and share your story of discovery with us!

"Season's Greetings" from Venerable Metteyya  --  2010 December 20

May "The Buddha" inspire and awaken new joy in you for the holiday season and new year.

"This Is The Buddha's Love" Melvin McLeod interviews Thich Nhat Hanh  --  2010 June 03

The great Buddhist teacher Thich Nhat Hanh talks about non-self, interdependence, and the love that expands until it has no limit.

"Toward a Worldwide Culture of Love" by bell hooks  --  2010 June 03

The practice of love, says bell hooks, is the most powerful antidote to the politics of domination. She traces her thirty-year meditation on love, power, and Buddhism, and concludes it is only love that transforms our personal relationships and heals the wounds of oppression.

"You're Becoming a What?: Living as a Western Buddhist Nun" by Ven. Thubten Chodron  --  2010 June 03

Ven. Thubten Chodron describes her path to Buddhism and monastic life.

"Dealing With Anger" by Lama Surya Das  --  2010 June 03

Anger is easily misunderstood in Buddhist practice: it's not uncommon to (unhealthily) attempt to suppress it, or to overlook its potential usefulness. Lama Surya Das describes a brief practice to help change our reaction to anger.

"Suffering Zen" by Susan Moon  --  2010 June 03

"Buddhist teachings are about suffering and the end of suffering, and Zen Buddhism, in particular, emphasizes sitting still in the midst of your suffering and just letting go," writes Susan Moon. But there are times when "letting go" can feel like an impossible task.

"Going Home" by angel Kyodo williams  --  2010 June 03

When we honor our community, maintain it, treat it like the precious treasure that it is, it returns our investment a thousandfold.

"A Path of Discovery" by Roshi Joan Halifax  --  2010 May 12

Roshi Joan Halifax describes her personal path to Buddhism, medical anthropology, and care giving, discovering that death is not an enemy, but a teacher and a guide.

"Mindfulness, Compassion & Wisdom: Three Means To Peace" by Joseph Goldstein  --  2010 May 11

How can three principles of meditation be applied to the world's conflicts? The method is mindfulness, the expression is compassion, and the essence is wisdom.

“Is Buddhism a Religion?” by Gary Gach  --  2010 May 06

Sometimes it’s good to stay with a question, rather than latching on to any one answer. So, let's consider: is Buddhism a religion? A philosophy? Psychology? Education?

"Dhamma Gita: Music of Young Practitioners Inspired by The Dhamma" by Hanuman Goleman  --  2010 May 04

A recent album of modern Buddhist music represents the unique voices of a new generation of practitioners.

"Impossible Choices: Thinking About Mental Health Issues From a Buddhist Perspective" by Maia Duerr  --  2010 May 03

Mental illness is no longer an individual matter, a case of one person’s psyche gone awry, but rather it sits in the context of our society and culture.

"A Glimpse" by Joseph Bengivenni  --  2010 April 29

A Korean Buddhist story of a monk's near-death experience relates how important it is to cultivate mindfulness and make the most of your precious life.

"Toward a Western Buddhism and Contemporary Dharma" by Lama Surya Das  --  2010 April 26

It has often been pointed out that historically whenever Buddhism has entered a culture, it has not only changed the culture, it has also been changed by it. Lama Surya Das identifies emerging trends of Western Buddhism and offers advice on beginning Dharma practice.

“Different Paths and One Dharma” by Gary Gach  --  2010 April 25

A primer on some of the schools and lineages of Buddhist practice which have become popular in the West.

"One Dharma" by Joseph Goldstein  --  2010 April 20

As different Buddhist traditions take root in the West, is it possible to find an essential teaching that supports them all?

"I Gots da Cling-ons!" By Shane Hennesey  --  2010 April 20

In Buddhism, clinging (or "attachment") can refer to our tendency to ignorantly pin our hopes for happiness on specific objects, ideas, outcomes, or other people. Shane Hennesey describes how meditation practice can curb our tendency to "cling".

"Mindfulness Meditation" by Steven V. Smith  --  2010 April 16

Simple instructions for a daily sitting meditation practice.

"Woman to Woman" by Sandy Boucher  --  2010 April 14

Sandy Boucher on her life and path in the Dharma as a student of pioneering meditation teacher Ruth Denison.

"The Buddha's Revolution" by Sharon Salzberg  --  2010 April 12

The only status that truly matters, said the Buddha, is the status of personal goodness--and personal goodness is attained through personal effort, not by birth.



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