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The Story of India

Press about the Series

What the press has said about The Story of India with Michael Wood:

Like the BBC/Discovery Channel's "Planet Earth," this is documentary television that shouldn't be missed…The Wall Street Journal
Michael Wood's series offered on PBS is an epic of color, told by a besotted guide.Los Angeles Times
Memorable documentary series require at least three elements: a great story, big ideas and dazzling photography. The six-part history "The Story of India" has all three and more.Chicago Tribune
A lot of younger documentary and reality-television makers work the cultural-travelog angle these days, but Mr. Wood remains the gold standard. If you like the idea of watching a really good National Geographic article brought to life, with the lush photography, fascinating facts, sense of discovery and slight superficiality that implies, you’ll love "The Story of India."New York Times
…there is hardly a minute that isn't gorgeous, in terms of camerawork or subject matter, to the point that it makes one's own life seem quite drab.Los Angeles Times
The images of India's ever-seductive culture are stunning and intoxicating,The Washington Post
"The Story of India" does a fine job of introducing its subject in a thought-provoking manner with stunning images both beautiful and strange.Chicago Tribune
This is how it should have been done in the first place you'll be hooked from the start.The Sunday Times
This week's most awesome documentary Michael Wood marvels at ancient origins in a history of India.The Times Online
Heady and fascinating stuff.The Mail on Sunday
(The story of India with) the knowledgeable,enthusiastic and eternally boyish Michael Wood...this one stands out as a superior product.The Daily Mail
A fascinating start to Michael Wood's energetic six part look at India…he delivers a gripping history.The Telegraph
Michael Wood loves India. When he starts to tell you about its 10,000-year history, the excitement and passion in his voice is undeniable.The Daily Mirror
India's pre-Raj history is largely unknown in the West, and it falls to the historian Michael Wood to tell it in this fascinating six-parter.The Independent
An exuberant, plush and poetic geography-biography…A heady, humbling film.The Guardian
It is a visual feast packed with extraordinary information.The Times
Sumptuously shot and fascinating…Michael Parkinson, BBC Radio 2
Wood shows colour and exoticism without being patronising, and without resorting to ingratiating gurning at the camera – for him, facts come before ego.The Independent
Jeremy Jeff's photography is so sumptuous, so languorous and so downright hypnotic, you’ll be totally transfixed by the ravishing visuals.Radio Times
Fabulous television – fascinating and beautifully filmed.Weekend, Daily Mail
…there is a wealth of material in this opulent and exotic series that deserves to be treated with awe.The Knowledge, The Times