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Emma Belle Petcher: A near shooting
A gas purchase on a lonely road nearly leads to a fatal shooting.
Interview outtakes from THE WAR:
"Okay. You would get a book of stamps. And you had X number of stamps for a month. And you had to have a stamp for gasoline. You had to have a stamp for tires. I think of some of, there's sugar, you couldn't have sugar without a stamp. And the first trip that I came home in a little 1990, '39 convertible and went back to Louisiana and down, there's a long strip down through Iberia, New Iberia that's like a swampland. And I had stopped and bought gas and talked to the man. The man was quite nice and all. And then, I forgot to give him the stamps. He forgot to ask me for the stamps. And I always carried, when I traveled by myself, my husband had given me a little colt, a little six-shooter pistol, you know. And, I'm alone on this desolate highway and I see this truck coming closer and closer and closer and finally, he pushed me over. So, I politely put my gun in my lap, put my finger on the trigger and I cracked the window and he cracked the window and I said, "What do you want?" And he said, "You forgot to give me the stamps." I said, "You almost got killed." 'Cause I would have shot him. If he tried to bother me. I would have shot him right, right away."