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Jim Sherman: Making money
Kids could make "big money" renting their bikes to servicemen on leave.
Interview outtakes from THE WAR:
"One of the things that we, we used to do -- it drove my mother nuts -- there was a bar in the basement of the Manitou Hotel and there were a couple bars down the street besides. But we'd go down there on these weekends when they'd show up, a bunch of them would , you know, party down there and we'd rent them our bikes. And, they, you know, there were no cabs, there were not rent-a-cars. So, we'd go down there and they would have, you know, some girl they'd met at the bar and they'd want to go to the park or the fairgrounds or whatever. And so, we'd rent our bike for a buck, which was big money to us, you know. A whole dollar. And these guys, of course, would come back, you know, and say, 'Are you going to be here,' you know, 'next weekend? I'd like to buy or borrow your bike again.' So it was, it was money for us. It was really kind of fun to have that."