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Burnett Miller: Being a kid in Sacramento
Sacramento was a fun place for a kid to grow up.
Interview outtakes from THE WAR:
"It was a fun place to grow up. It, it, we, we, there were lots of sports. It's always been a place that had very little professional sports activity, so you did it all yourselves. The kids all played lots of baseball and football and it was close to skiing and hiking and fishing along the river was terrific There were farms, and a group of us rode horseback all over the county. It was very easy to do. The, the lower end of town was rather colorful to us. There were a couple of restaurants my family went to and it was almost exotica, there were lots of men wandering around. There were lots of whorehouses and whores, but they were inside. As you, as you got up towards the nicer part of town, towards 10th Street, the houses of prostitution were quite fancy. And as kids we used to run down there and run through the places, raising hell."