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The Veterans History Project - Help Oreserve the HIstory of World War II

THE WAR and The Veterans History Project

THE WAR is as much about storytelling, about sharing unique experiences, as it is about World War II. The film provides only a small window into the much larger experience of the hundreds of thousands who have served during times of war.

The story of World War II is a story shared by millions of Americans, but as time goes by, many of these stories are being lost. For those who served our nation, from the battlefront to the home front, every story deserves to be heard. That's where you can help.

PBS and Florentine Films have partnered with the Veterans History Project (VHP) in a massive effort to capture the stories of men and women who experienced the war first-hand before the generation that witnessed World War II has passed.

The Veterans History Project is part of the Library of Congress and honors American war veterans and civilian workers who supported them by preserving stories of their service to our country. VHP collects and archives the one-of-a-kind stories that represent the diversity of the veterans who served our country — veterans from all conflicts, from all branches of the military, all ranks, all races and ethnicities.

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Over 3,000 original WWII Stories from PBS StoryShare

As part of the community engagement campaign for THE WAR, individual public television stations nationwide reached out to a broad range of veterans and their families to capture the stories of World War II. The response was phenomenal. Over 3,000 original WWII stories were submitted.

Participating PBS stations used an online story collection tool - called PBS StoryShare - that allowed users to directly upload World War II stories and photographs to a searchable database. In addition, PBS stations videotaped over 1,000 interviews with local WWII veterans and submitted them to the PBS StoryShare database.

You can access the PBS StoryShare database to read, listen to and watch stories from your community and across the country. The searchable database offers a wealth of first hand accounts and original artifacts from WWII veterans.

Read, hear and watch WWII stories from the PBS StoryShare database »