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Think Tank Specials — America’s Number One: Now What?

America’s military is the strongest; its economy the richest, its political ideas the most imitated; its language near-universal; its music the most listened to; its movies and television the most watched; its publications the most read; its fast food the most eaten; its soft drinks the most guzzled.

All of this adds up to one thing: America is far and away the most influential nation in the world-and, perhaps, in the history of the world. As former Soviet dissident Natan Sharansky observes, “It’s also a unique responsibility, a historical responsibility which is given once in a thousand years.” With no immediate threat to its security, what should the United States do with its power?

Ben Wattenberg examines this question in “America’s Number One: Now What?”

Shot on-location in Asia, the Middle East and throughout the United States, “America’s Number One: Now What?” traces the United States’ unprecedented rise to global superpower status. Beyond protecting our most elementary national interests, does America have a global mission? Is it America’s job to promote democracy and freedom, peace and prosperity on a global scale? In other words, is America a country or a cause?

Leading thinkers interviewed in the program include: Joseph Nye, Dean of Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government; Paul Wolfowitz, Dean of Johns Hopkins School for Advanced International Studies; Natan Sharansky, Israeli Minister of Industry and Trade; Amr Moussa, Foreign Minister of Egypt; Zbigniew Brzezinski, former National Security Advisor to President Carter; Richard Haass, Director of Foreign Policy Studies for the Brookings Institution; Ronald Steel, professor of international relations at the University of Southern California; Joshua Muravchik, scholar at the American Enterprise Institute; Pat Buchanan, commentator and Republican presidential candidate; Susan Eisenhower of the Center for Political and Strategic Studies and former UN Ambassador Donald McHenry.

“America’s Number One: Now What?” is produced by BJW Inc., in association with New River Media, Inc. Ben Wattenberg is the Host/Essayist. Joshua Muravchik is editorial consultant. Robert Schurgin is producer. Andrew Walworth is executive producer.

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