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  What are the Candidatesí Prescriptions for Medicare? main page
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What are the Candidatesí Prescriptions for Medicare?
Aired 10/26/2000

This week, Think Tank with Ben Wattenberg examines the Medicare reform plans of the presidential candidates. Less than two years ago, a bipartisan commission recommended a major overhaul of Medicare to ensure the programís solvency for years to come. But election year politics and a large budget surplus have put aside concerns about Medicareís financial situation for now. Both George W. Bush and Al Gore are promoting plans to add prescription drug benefits to Medicare. What are the Bush and Gore approaches? And how will their plans affect the future of Medicare?
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  Judy Feder
    professor and Dean of Policy Studies, Georgetown University
  Robert Helms
    director of Health Policy Studies, the American Enterprise Institute, and editor, "Medicare in the 21st Century: Seeking Fair and Efficient Reform"
  Jeff Lemieux
    senior economist, Progressive Policy Institute

Originally Aired: 10/26/2000

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