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“And Thou Shalt Honor National Caregiving Town Hall Meeting”
gets lawmakers on both sides of the aisle to address the pressing concerns
of an aging nation faced with unprecedented healthcare needs.

Coming to many PBS stations in June 2005(check local listings), this one-hour PBS special is presented in celebration of the 40th anniversary of the signing of the Older Americans Act in 1965. Dale Bell, executive producer with Harry Wiland, of the 2002 And Thou Shalt Honor PBS caregiving outreach project, puts the plight of America’s family caregivers on the national agenda.

In frank interviews with Washington lawmakers on both sides of the aisle, Bell presses for answers on issues that have daily impact on family caregivers and their loved ones including Medicaid and Medicare reform, universal healthcare, long-term care insurance, direct pay to family caregivers, tax incentives to prepare the nation for longevity, and visions for the upcoming 2005 White House Conference on Aging.

  • Read a letter from the producers about the historical root and vision of the National Caregiving Town Hall Meeting.
  • Browse key quotes on the issues from GOP & Democratic politicians and others.
  • Watch video clip excerpts of important commentary from those interviewed during the program.
  • Follow the status of current caregiver-friendly Congressional bills.

    Selected Show Topics
    Long Term Care
    Alzheimer's Disease
    The Eden Alternative
    Geriatric Care Managers
    Workplace Issues
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