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Next Stop: Equal Pay Day

April 04, 2014 Megan Beyer

by Megan Beyer

Not quite as punctual as the legendary Swiss trains, Equal Pay Day in Switzerland still arrives a lot earlier than in the US: a full month earlier. Women in Switzerland did not get the right to vote until 1972, but Equal Pay Day in Switzerland took place March 7. Here in America, it is observed April 8.

Equal Pay Day marks how long a woman needs to work to make what men made the previous year. It shows the pocketbook effect of the gender pay gap.

How did the Swiss make so much progress in so little time? As soon as laws on the books required equal pay for equal work, they got to work. Anyone who owns a Swiss watch or who has taken a Swiss train, knows that the Swiss are exacting engineers. When their laws (like our Equal Pay Act of 1963) mandated equal pay for equal work, the government announced it would only do business with companies that complied with the law.

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Equal Pay Study; Campaign Finance; Modern Technology

April 04, 2014


This week on To The Contrary, our panelists discuss the pay gap and women's mobility, how deregulation of campaign financing impacts women candidates, and whether modern technology enslaves or empowers us.

PANEL: Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-DC)Red Alert Politics Editor Francesca Chambers, The Gender Equality Project’s Megan Beyer, Republican Strategist Bettina Inclan
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Carter & Religion; Marriage & Divorce; Cindy Chupack

March 28, 2014

This week on To The Contrary, our panelists discuss President Jimmy Carter's take on religion, why marriage rates are in decline, and how women use humor to get through tough times.

PANEL: Sabrina Schaeffer, Executive Director, Independent Women’s Forum, Former Judge and Federal Prosecutor Debra Carnahan, Journalist Anushay Hossain, Republican Commentator Rina Shah
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Contraception Cases; Ban Bossy; Congresswomen & Leadership

March 21, 2014

This week on To The Contrary, our panelists discuss the Contraception Cases headed to SCOTUS, Sheryl Sandberg's "Ban Bossy" Campaign , and the past, present and future of women in Congress.

PANEL: Gloucester Institute President Kay Coles James; Republican Strategist Rina Shah; The New Agenda's Amy Siskind; NPR host Avis Jones DeWeever

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Women’s Lives and Challenges: Equality and Empowerment since 2000

March 07, 2014

In honor of Women's History Month, To the Contrary is accepting blog posts from individuals and organizations we have been working with over the past 23 years.  Here's the first in our series.

By Katie Taylor, USAID’s Deputy Assistant Administrator for Global Health

Every year, International Women’s Day on March 8th, provides a global platform to focus attention on the continued need to improve women’s status and opportunities all over the world. We know that when women are healthy and educated they trigger progress for themselves, their communities and countries.  Women are able to participate in the work force, and are more likely to have healthy, educated children - issuing in a cycle of opportunity rather than perpetuating a cycle of poverty.   

A new USAID report, produced by The DHS Program, Women’s Lives and Challenges: Equality and Empowerment since 2000, assesses progress toward gender equality over the past decade.  This report, among the most extensive recent assessments of women’s status, looks at women’s progress in four continents and more than 45 countries.  Based on almost 100 national surveys, Women’s Lives and Challenges evaluates levels and trends in women’s access to education and health care, employment, domestic decision-making, and experience of violence. 

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