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TTC Panelists Discuss Sexual Assault, Re-Adoption, and Only Children

September 13, 2013

This week on To The Contrary, our panelists discuss a shocking UN survey in Asia that sheds light on a worldwide problem: sexual assault; parents who give away their kids to strangers on the internet; and why having one child may be the way to go.

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Opting-out of Standardized Testing Sends a Strong Message

September 13, 2013

By Bonnie Erbé

Let's face it: America's public school system leaves much to be desired, even -- and perhaps especially -- after the George W. Bush-era efforts to improve it. Finally, the counterrevolution has begun and I'm on tenterhooks watching it unfurl.
More American parents and students are fed up with No Child Left Behind's reliance on multiple standardized tests to gauge everything from student improvement to teacher performance. Almost everything about NCLB's approach toward improving public schools has struck me as decidedly counterproductive, especially its overdependence on testing.
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TTC Panelists Discuss Obamacare, Interracial Couples, and Whether a Woman Can Be President in 2016

September 06, 2013

This week on To The Contrary, our panelists discuss a surprising age split over Obamacare, why mixed-race couples may be marriage averse, and whether we'll see a woman elected President in 2016.

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TTC Panelist Speak Out:
Yellen is the Man for the Job

September 04, 2013 Megan Beyer
By Megan Beyer, The Gender Equality Project
At a recent gathering of financial agency chiefs at the White House, the nation’s top eight regulators and President Obama reviewed the status of compliance with the Dodd- Frank bank reform bill. Just watching the regulators file in, it is clear – three years after the bill’s passage -- the agencies are still far from compliance on at least one aspect of the bill.  Dodd-Frank mandates that agencies create workplaces with a more reasonable gender balance.
Of the eight top financial market regulators in the nation only two, the chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission and chairman of the National Credit Union Administration, are women. Women are outnumbered three to one.
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Lack of Women in Obama's Cabinet

August 28, 2013

Why am I not surprised? This White House has done a stunningly less impressive job of appointing women to cabinet-level jobs than its most recent democratic predecessor, the Clinton Administration. Here we are 13 years after Bill Clinton left the Oval Office, and the next Democrat in that job has fewer women in those critically visible posts than President Clinton had. Harumph!

The New York Times this week released a survey comparing female cabinet-level appointments by the last three administrations. It found women (currently) hold about 35 percent of cabinet-level posts, compared with 41 percent for Mr. Clinton and 24 percent for Mr. Bush at similar points in their presidencies? One would not have expected any better from George W. Bush---he was as tone deaf as they come on the issue of diversity. But women have a right to expect more, much more, from President Obama. Without their support, he would not have been elected in the first place nor reelected in the second.

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