Jennifer Rubin Manal Omar Karin  Agness
Dr. Laurie Todd-Smith Debbie  Sledge Rep. Pramila  Jayapal (D-WA)
Geena Davis Elaine Chao Nan Hunter
Tracye McQuirter Tina Tchen LeeAnne Walters
Ashe Schow Nicole Kurokawa Neily Cokie  Roberts
Sabrina Schaeffer Former Senator Blanche  Lambert Lincoln (D-AR) Dr. Carla Hayden
Layla Saad Brianna Scurry Atima Omara
Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf Tiffany Loftlin Carole Simpson


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Michele Bachmann


Michele Bachmann is a congresswoman best known for her conservative Tea Party politics, and her candidacy for the 2012 Republican presidential 


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