The tpt Public Insight Network

The Public Insight Network (PIN) is made up of people just like you who have volunteered to be story and news sources for tpt and other media organizations.

How it works: From time to time, we will send you and email about a specific topic we're looking into for a story or program. If you know something about that topic, we want to hear what you have to say. We invite you to become a source through PIN so that we can include your perspective. The more we know, from a variety of voices, the better our stories can become.

For example: We may be producing a show about hospice care. If you are a medical or other professional working directly in hospice care, or have personal experience with hospice care – these are all relevant viewpoints we want to hear from.

We might: use your knowledge to inform an upcoming story or feature that we are working on. What you tell us could provide valuable background information, or you might appear in the story. This is a great way for us to hear from different voices in our community—and an exciting way for you to be involved in our work.

We will always: ask for your permission before publishing, broadcasting or using your comments in any way. Your responses are confidential.

We will never: use your responses without your permission, and we will never use your contact information for marketing or fundraising purposes, or sell it to others. More about the Public Insight Network Privacy Policy.

Please consider becoming a source and sign up to share your expertise. Join the Public Insight Network!

Fill out the sign-up form.

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