War is life multiplied by some number
that no one has ever heard of. 

– Sebastian Junger


What is it really like to go to war? For millennia, only warriors could really answer that question. Now, a new PBS documentary takes us inside the experience of battle and reveals the soldier’s experiences as never before.

War is the ultimate paradox. Filled with terror, pain and grief, it also brings exhilaration, and a profound sense of purpose. GOING TO WAR helps us make sense of this paradox and get to the heart of what it’s like to be a soldier in times of war.

The film illuminates the experiences of training, battle, and coming home for soldiers across conflicts, revealing the universals of the warrior’s journey. Leading our exploration are Sebastian Junger, bestselling author and director of the Academy Award-nominated film Restrepo, and Karl Marlantes, decorated Marine officer and author of the bestselling novel Matterhorn and the fearless memoir What It is Like to Go to War. Both men bring firsthand experience, hard-won wisdom, and an abiding commitment to telling the warrior’s story with insight and unflinching candor.

While there have been innumerable books and media projects about war and wars throughout history, there have been just a handful of works that have explored the psychological, societal, and pervasive human experience of the warrior regardless of conflict.

This is the fresh terrain of GOING TO WAR.

Premieres on PBS - May 28th (Memorial Day), 2018, 9/8 central

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