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Hosting a GOING TO WAR screening can be an effective way to gather people and initiate conversations about war and its impact on individuals, families and society. Although we have been at war for thousands of years, there are still misconceptions about the warrior’s experience in combat and the unique needs for support when returning home from war.


As author Sebastian Junger says in the film:
“When we ask soldiers to go fight, it’s not just another job.
We’re asking them to kill other people for us, and that means that
because they have a moral burden that’s inherent in their job,
we have a moral obligation to think about it."


Whether you’re hosting an event in your living room or at a community event space, our GOING TO WAR Discussion Guide will help you create the welcoming atmosphere and tone needed for open, meaningful discussion where all viewpoints are invited, honored and respected. It will also offer suggested discussion questions to spark meaningful dialog and sharing of diverse viewpoints.


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