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Crossword Puzzle Introduction
The four puzzles in this section were created from information related to the Treasures of the World television series:

The first puzzle is based on the two stories in program one, Theft of the Mona Lisa and Guernica: Testimony of War.

The second puzzle is based on the two stories in program two, Fabergé Eggs: Mementos of a Doomed Dynasty and The Notorious Hope Diamond.

The third puzzle is based on the two stories in program three, Taj Mahal: Memorial to Love and Borobudur: Pathway to Enlightenment.

The fourth puzzle is based on all six stories in the Series.

The puzzles can be played in either of two ways: interactive or printable. (The interactive puzzles require a browser that supports Java: program one interactive, program two interactive, program three interactive, series interactive.)

Using the printable puzzles may make it easier to search for answers that can be found on this web site. (program one printable,
program two printable, program three printable, series printable.) Click on the File/Print button on your web browser to print the puzzle and the clues.

If you get stuck, we have also provided the solutions on a separate page.


pgm one interactive | pgm one printable
pgm two interactive | pgm two printable
pgm three interactive | pgm three printable
series interactive | series printable
puzzle solutions

Mona Lisa
detail from Guernica
Lilies of the Valley Faberge Egg
Hope Diamond
Taj Mahal
scene from Borobudur

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