PBS Video Troubleshooting Guide

System Requirements

  1. Supported desktop browsers: Latest or most widely used version of Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Safari.
  2. Mobile devices running latest Apple iOS, Android OS
  3. Connection speed: Broadband Required (Minimum bandwidth speed of 500kbps)

Desired Video is expired

Many episodes are only made available during a limited window following a TV broadcast or rebroadcast. You may be able to find the expired episode for a small charge through iTunes or on DVD at https://shop.pbs.org.

Latest episode of a PBS program not yet available

Many of our programs have some lag time between broadcast and streaming availability. If the episode is not available, please check back later.

Stalling or choppy video playback, Audio only streaming

Check your internet connection. A broadband connection with at least 500 Kbps is required for the best viewing experience.

Error message saying that I’m outside the United States

Some of our content producers require that we only make their content available to residents of the US. For content distributed via the Internet, including our iPad and iPhone apps, we need to rely upon IP addresses in order to verify the location of viewers.

Error message saying source file not available

There is currently no streaming file for this video which is compatible with your phone / OS.