Election Connection

Let's Get Political
Access, analyze, act! Take this quiz from PBS Teachers and find out how engaged you are with political and social issues.

Ask Your Lawmaker
Nelson N. from Richmond, Va. asks Congress: Why has no one suggested or established price controls for energy products, such as oil or gasoline?

Idea Generator: Health Care
"Find a balance between public and private health care." See ideas like this and share your own on how to tackle the challenge of health care in America.

Get My Vote
Students at Lawrence University have questions for President-elect Barack Obama. What's your take on the 2008 election?

You Decide
Should the Electoral College be reformed? Take this quiz and see how your responses compare to others.

Budget Hero
Play a game that lets you choose how tax dollars are spent.

What are bloggers saying about housing and the economy? Check out highlights of user-generated content on the election from around the web.

Answer questions about policies you would change if you were president and find out which candidate most closely aligns with your views.

Campaign Audio
Hear raw audio from the campaign trail.

NewsTrust: Election 2008
See the top news stories and commentary on the presidential election, vetted and reviewed by trusted users.

Polling Place Locator
Type in your address and retrieve the poll location for your voting precinct in any state in the U.S.

About Election Tools
These Vote 2008 tools from PBS' partners in public media can be added to your web site or social networking page.

They allow you to share information with friends, play games, take quizzes, and stay up-to-date on the news.

Check them out and spread the word!

Tool Submission
Become a Partner

If you have created an election tool that you'd like to see featured on Vote 2008, we want to hear from you! We're also exploring partnership opportunities, both within public media and beyond. Drop us a line at vote2008@pbs.org and let's work together.