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Peter and Mary's Story -- Mary's View

Peter and Mary's Story -- Peter's View

Dom & Tina - Dom's View

Dom & Tina - Tina's View

My relationship with Domenico began as friends. A mutual colleague of ours encouraged both of us to introduce ourselves, since there were not many "twenty-somethings" in our company. We would go to lunch and find ourselves immersed in conversations over shared interests, such as rare books, classic films, cooking, travel, and diverse cultural events. We were both fascinated with monumental periods and experiences in American and European life.

When I think of our differences, I have two perspectives: one of an outsider and one of an insider. The things an outsider would see as differences areour races (I am of Black descent, he is of Italian descent) and our colors (I am brown, he is pink). As an insider, I see our differences in the fact that although we both have enormous book collections, he is dedicated to collecting books on specific subjects (like non-fiction), while I prefer to expand my selections into all subjects and genres.

We also differ in what a woman's role is in the household. I am for the working woman, and I believe that a woman can have a strong work ethic, while maintaining her femininity as a wife and mother. We also differ in the sense that my parents always encouraged my brother and I to have friends of different races and cultures. To my parents, education was not only learned in books, it was experiencing that which was around you, learning about your environment (living in an area that had different cultures and ethnicity) and embracing all possible oppicportunities. Dom was also raised in a household strong in values and principles, but his location was predominantly Irish and Italian immigrants.

We have been very lucky that friends (and my family) have been supportive. I'm spoiled in the sense that my closest friends are all in interracial marriages and have children (those that do have children) from those relationships. So, the concept of a black female and a white male, with a child that embodies cultures from both parents and represents a mix in their appearance does not faze me.

In the end, the most important aspect of our relationship is to have faith in your relationship and to serve as an advocate for your relationship and what it symbolizes. My and Dom's relationship is about integrated amplification: two educated individuals who have empowered one another while sharing distinct and multifaceted experiences in a proud relationship. We are passionate about our individual goals and determined about the aspirations we share as a couple. We are a family: he, the baby and I live a life (and will continue to live a life) principled on compassion, adoration and dedication to one another and ourselves.

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