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Just across the border

I'm Mexican and met my now husband (an American as American as apple pie) while vacationing in Orlando, Florida eight years ago. I returned to Mexico and we kept in touch for 3 years through phone and letters and in 1994 he went to Mexico to see me and after 7 days together we got engaged.

It's not been easy living with somebody so different but it's definitely been fun (keeps you on your toes).

I think one of the main differences between my husband and me is not our ethnic background but our political points of view. He calls me "bleeding heart", I call him fascist, but that makes for good conversation and exchange of opinion -- after all, who wants to talk all the time to somebody that agrees with you in everything. Discussion makes you learn.

The one thing that I love the most is my husband's desire to learn as much as possible about my country (there isn't much I don't know about the U.S.). Seeing my country through his eyes full of wonder makes me appreciate it more. As a matter of fact, I have adopted more true "Mexican" traditions in the past 4 years being married to an American than in my whole life in Mexico.

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