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Warriors - Photo by Karl Zinsmeister

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Ann Zinsmeister

Ann Zinsmeister

Ann Zinsmeister

A graduate of Smith College, Zinsmeister also holds a Master’s degree in American Folk Studies. She worked for The American Enterprise magazine as a production assistant, editor, and marketing manager. Earlier work included the National Endowment for the Arts, the Library of Congress, Kentucky Center for the Arts, and Islam Centennial Fourteen. She managed Karl Zinsmeister’s trips to Iraq, and helped produce the Marvel Comics war chronicle Combat Zone: True Tales of GIs in Iraq.


Karl Zinsmeister

Karl Zinsmeister

Karl Zinsmeister

Zinsmeister published two books on the Iraq War written during lengthy stints embedded with U.S. troops in combat zones: Boots on the Ground, and Dawn Over Baghdad. For more than a dozen years he was editor in chief of The American Enterprise, a national magazine of politics, business, and culture based in Washington, D.C. A graduate of Yale University who did further studies at Trinity College Dublin in Ireland, Zinsmeister was an assistant to U.S. Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan, and is currently the chief domestic policy adviser in the White House. 


Ed Robbins - Photo by Karl Zinsmeister

Ed Robbins

Ed Robbins
Writer and Director

Robbins is an award-winning producer/director/writer of numerous one-hour television documentaries for outlets like BBC, Bravo, National Geographic, NBC, Discovery, PBS, TLC, and NY Times Television. His 20 years of documentary film production have taken him across America, Asia, and into Africa. Program awards include: Banff 2004 Special Jury Award; several CINE Golden Eagles; several Gracie Awards for co-Directing; Emmy Award; Houston International Film Festival Bronze and Gold Medals; First Place New York International Film Festival; ACE Award Nominee. 


Christian Galdabini
Videographer/Combat Cameraman

Galdabini was embedded with the U.S. Marines during the initial invasion of Iraq, and has filmed there many times since. Founder of Z Force Productions, he has covered everything from White House events to the Columbine shootings to Olympic competition to the Oscars. He currently lives in Arlington, Virginia.


Karen K. H. Sim

Sim began her documentary film career editing Maro Chermayeff’s Juilliard, a two-hour film for the award-winning PBS series American Masters. She honed her skills in storytelling by working with Frontline producer/director Ofra Bikel, editing a number of her films, including The Burden of Innocence and the Emmy-winning An Ordinary Crime.  Most recently, she edited Coma, an HBO film by Liz Garbus.

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