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Pre-Revolutionary Russia

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Socialist Realism

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Film Suppliers

Kino International Corp.
333 West 39 Street, Suite 503
New York, NY 10018
v: (212) 629-6880
f: (212) 714-0871
Rents a variety of Soviet films on 16mm and 35mm. Some titles are also available for purchase on VHS. Catalogue includes all of Eisenstein’s features.

Home Vision/Public Media Inc.
4411 N. Ravenswood Avenue
Chicago, IL 60640-5802
Titles include several films on Russian artists and writers, and Russian feature films. Call or write for a complete list of titles and prices.

Russian-American Educational Services
One Bridge Plaza, Suite 145
Fort Lee, NJ 07024
v: (201) 461-6667
f: (201) 461-6227
Modern Russian films available for purchase on VHS.



Mikhail Glinka. A Life for the Tsar. Russian Opera Series, Sony CD 46487

Modest Musorgsky. Boris Godunov. Sony CD 45763

Sergei Prokofiev. Ivan the Terrible; Alexander Nevsky. Sony CD 48387

Igor Stravinsky. The Rite of Spring. Chandos CD 9408

Folk Songs

Faces of Russia Dmitry Pokrovsky Ensemble. 1991 Trikont US-0169-2

Russian Folk Songs Russian Druzhina Ensemble. 1993 LAD MK 427120 (No text translations included.)

Sacred Music

300 Years of Russian Religious Chants. Children’s and Male Choir of the Moscow Choral Academy, Viktor Popor, conductor. 1992 Harmonia mundi LDC 288 066

Vespers (All Night Vigil), op. 37 by Sergei Rachmaninov. Robert Shaw Festival Singers, Robert Shaw, cond. 1990 Telarc CD-80172

Sacred Choral Works by Dmitri Bortniansky. Vladislav Chernu-chenko and the Glinka State Choir of St. Petersburg. 1994.

Bell Ringing

Blocken in Russland (Bells in Russia). 1988 Christophorus CHR 74553

Recordings available from:
Musica Russica
27 Willow Lane
Madison, CT 06443
v: (800) 326-3132
f: (203) 421-3132


Special Publications

Eastview Publications distributes two scholarly journals, Social Sciences: A Quarterly Journal of the Russian Academy of Sciences and International Affairs: A Russian Journal of World Politics, Diplomacy and International Relations.; Moscow News, a weekly English-language newspaper; and a variety of Russian books, CD-ROMs, databases, and many more materials. For more information contact
Eastview Publications
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