web links

The Library of Congress site with links to their extensive Russian collection.

The Annenberg/CPB project, Russian exhibit collection.

The Orthodox Church in America home page.

Home page for the American Council of Teachers of Russian and American Council for Collaboration in Education and Language Study (ACTR/ACCELS). Links to over 50 college, university, and international education sites.

University of Toronto. Up to date information about Russia and the Former USSR and an illustrated history of Russia.

Index of Russian art, listing many classic Russian paintings.

The official site of the Russian National Tourist Office.

A guide to all the museums in Moscow.

Pushkin Museum home page.

Bolshoi Theatre home page.

Home page for the Kirov Ballet (St. Petersburg) and Kirov Academy of Ballet (Washington, DC).

The Novgorod Icon Gallery index sorted by date and topic.

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