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My Journey Home and Media Literacy
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One of the American Association of Community Colleges (AACC) community initiatives has been the Beacon College Project. This project was part of the AACC's Building Communities initiative, which charted a course for the 21st-century community college to develop curriculum and support around the ideals of partnership, responsiveness and college-as-community/ community-as-college. The authors of Building Communities saw a nation on the verge of fragmentation, in danger of losing all cohesiveness and sense of common purpose. In particular, part of the vision was of a re-integrated America, accepting of its diversity but dedicated to its common, core values.

In the '90s, the Beacon College Project involved 225 community colleges in setting a clear standard for the community-building community college. As it recommended, "Community colleges should model community building by creating institutional climates, processes and opportunities that encourage civility, responsibility, commitment, collaboration and personal respect within the life of the college."

Using Building Communities as a blueprint for action, the American Association of Community Colleges and others committed to the revitalization of American communities have since worked with foundations to undertake specific steps to fulfill this bold vision.

While the Beacon College Project has concluded, the Building Communities effort is still active. The My Journey Home outreach program fits this initiative. It is also a springboard for discussion and for the examination of various curriculum efforts.

  • Language Arts Curriculum: Working with instructors of English, partnering on the written essays will enhance the use of shared language arts and media literacy curriculum.
  • Video Production Curriculum: According to the American Association of Community Colleges, some colleges do have specific video production departments. All have various video production programs under their communications departments.
  • Diversity Curriculum: These issues will cross over a number of areas, including student services, counseling, etc.

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