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ARCHIVES to 1860



navajo boy

1.1 - Navajo boy photographed in 1905

hopi girl

1.2 - Hopi girl photographed in 1879
snake dancer

1.3 - Hopi snake dancer many horses

1.4 - Many Horses, Teton Lakota, photographed in 1872

1.5 - Cheyenne sundancers two whistles

1.6 - Two Whistles, Crow
Lakota women

1.7 - Lakota women wearing porcupine quill and dentalium shell decorations Lakota woman and child.

1.7a - Lakota woman and child
sia buffalo headdress

1.8 - Sia Buffalo Mask Plenty coups

1.9 - Plenty Coups, Crow, photographed in 1880

1.10 - "For Strength and Visions," a study of a sundancer by E. S. Curtis scabby bull

1.11 - Scabby Bull, Arapaho

1.12 - Kwakiutal wearing mask umatilla girl

1.13 Umatilla woman
Nez Perce woman

1.14 - Nez Percé woman Anasazi ruins at Mesa Verde

1.15 - Anasazi cliff dwellings at Mesa Verde, Colorado
hopi stairs

1.15a - Hopi watching visitors approach the stairway to their mesa-top home at Walpi, Arizona, 1873 blackfoot encampment

1.16 - Blackfoot encampment
Havasupai dwelling

1.17 - Havasupai brush dwelling Spokane village

1.18 - Spokane encampment
shoshone encampment

1.19 - Shoshone encampment, 1870 Kutenai duck hunter

1.20 - Kutenai duck hunter
Canyon de Chelly

1.21 - Pictograph of a conquistador in Canyon de Chelly, Arizona Buffalo chase

1.22 - "Buffalo Chase," by George Catlin
Utes on horseback

1.22a - Mounted Ute warrior and boy horse travois

1.23 - Gros Ventre family demonstrating the use of a horse travois, 1904
pawnee robe

1.24 - Pawnee buffalo robe showing the tribe's victory on horses over a horseless band of Kansa Indians shoshone robe

1.25 - Shoshone elk hide showing a horseback buffalo hunt
LeMoye 1

1.26 - The Timucan leader shows how his people pay respect to a pillar erected by an earlier party of Europeans as a sign of continuing friendship LeMoye 2

1.27 - The Timucan chief leads his warriors into battle
Le Moye three

1.28 - The Timucan chief comforts the widows of those slain in battle lewis and clark with bear

1.29 - A member of the Lewis and Clark expedition treed by a grizzly bear, from William Gass, 1810
lewis and clark talk

1.30 - Lewis and Clark in parley with a group of Indians, from William Gass, 1810 lewis list

1.31 - "A Memorandum of Articles in Readiness for the Voyage," written by William Clark
lewis and clark journal

1.32 - William Clark's sketch of the keelboat which carried the Corps of Discovery to the upper Missouri River Portrait of Meriwether Lewis by Peale

1.33 - Portrait of Meriwether Lewis (detail) by Charles W. Peale
Portrait of William Clark by C. W. Peale

1.34 - Portrait of William Clark (detail) by Charles W. Peale    


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