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ARCHIVES (1877 -1887)

The Life and Adventures

Colonel William F. Cody

His Story shows his Devotion to Duty as a Child when Supporting
his Widowed Mother, his Valuable Services to the Government
while riding in the Famous "Pony Express" and Vividly
Portrays his Thrilling Experiences as Hunter and
Scout while acting as Guide to the Army and
Trains of Prairie Schooners -- His many
Hair-breadth Escapes and Fights with
Indians, Desperadoes and while
Hunting Buffalo and other
Wild Animals, as well as
his Later Triumphs in
Conducting the Tours
of his Great Wild
West Exhibition
in the United
States and

The whole work comprising an Authentic History of many Events inseparably interwoven with the Exploration, Settlement and Development of our Great Western Plains.



To the American and English publics, at whose generous hands have received so many favors, hospitable attention and numerous special kindnesses;


To the army of the frontier, the brave comrades and pioneers whose valorous deeds, though unwritten in their country's annals, and whose graves are unmarked save by the soughing oak or the modest daisy, but who have left the heritage of a million happy and prosperous homes in the redeemed West,


Is inscribed, by one who holds their courageous lives in grateful remembrance.

W. F. Cody (Buffalo Bill)

The evolution of government and of civilisation, and the adaptation of one to the other, are interesting to the student of history; but particularly fascinating is the story of the reclamation of the Great West and the supplanting of the wild savages that from primeval days were lords of the country but are now become wards of the Government, whose guardianship they were forced to recognize. This story is one well calculated to inspire a feeling of pride even in the breasts of those whose sentimentality impels to commiserate the hard lot of the poor Indian; for, rising above the formerly neglected prairies of the West are innumerable monuments of thrift, industry, intelligence, and all the contributory comforts and luxuries of a peaceful and God-fearing civilisation; those evidences that proclaim to a wondering world the march of the Anglo-Saxon race towards the attainment of perfect citizenship and liberal, free and stable government.

For the small part I have taken in redeeming the West from savagery, I am indebted to circumstances rather than to a natural, inborn inclination for the strifes inseparable from the life I was almost forced to choose. But to especially good fortune must I make my acknowledgments, which protected me or preserved my life a hundred times when the very hand of vengeful fate appeared to lower its grasp above my head, and hope seemed a mockery that I had turned my back upon. Good fortune has also stood ever responsive to my call since I first came before the public, and to the generous American and English peoples, as well as to kind fortune, I here pour out a full measure of profound thanks and hearty appreciation, and shall hold them gratefully in my memory as a remembrance of old friends, until the drum taps "lights out" at the close of the evening of my eventful life.

Sincerely Yours,
W. F. Cody
Buffalo Bill


Incidents of My Childhood -- Iowa in the Early Day -- Removed to Kansas -- Boyhood Experiences in Kansas -- A Barbecue to the Indians -- The Tide of Immigration -- Warfare on the Border -- The Stabbing of My Father -- Father's Escape from a Mob -- Renewed Efforts to Kill Father -- Efforts to Make Kansas a Slave State -- My Engagement with the Great Overland Freighters -- A Mob Outwitted by My Mother -- Another Attempt on Father 's Life

My First Love Affair -- A Bloody Affray at School -- Pursued by the Wounded Boy 's Father -- In Service on the Plains -- My First Fight with Indians -- How I Killed My First Indian -- A Feeling of Relief -- On the Road to Salt Lake -- Description of a Bull Outfit -- The Trail -- A Buffalo Stampede -- Captured by Danites -- Burning of the Train by Mormons -- On the Point of Starvation -- Attacked by Indians -- A Timely Rescue -- Engage in Trapping -- A Horrible Discovery -- Off for Pike's Peak -- Engagement as Pony Express Rider

Accidents and Escapes -- Trapping on the Republican -- I Break My Leg -- My Partner Goes in Search of Help -- A Desperate Situation -- Objectionable Company -- Indians Take Possession of My Dug-out -- Return of Harrington -- A Joyous Meeting -- Our Return Home -- Death of Brave Harrington

Adventures on the Overland Road -- A Pony Express Rider Again -- Pursued by Indians -- Attack on a Stage Coach -- A Charge through the Indian Camp -- A General Drunk but Only One Murder -- A Hunt for Bear -- A Robber's Haunt Discovered -- In a Tight Place -- Killing One of the Robbers -- My Escape -- A Newly-Made Brave

An Inglorious Service -- Bushwhacking in Missouri -- A Meeting with Wild Bill -- Busted at a Horse-race -- A Duel in the Street

How I Became a Soldier -- With the Jayhawkers -- A Singular Meeting with Wild Bill -- Acting as a Spy -- A Pleasant Little Episode -- A Wonderful Escape

Courtship and Marriage -- My Bridal Trip -- Taken for a Desperado -- A Party of Our Own -- A Close Call -- Keeping an Hotel -- Acting as a Guide to Custer -- A Fight with the Indians -- A Cholera Outbreak

A Millionaire in Prospective -- A Howl from Rome -- A Gentleman that Just Dropped in -- Contractor on the K. P. R. R. -- A Little Sport with the Hostiles -- Brigham to the Front -- A Pretty Buffalo Drive -- A Big Surprise for the Officers -- In Pursuit of Indians -- An Excited Colored Gentleman -- How I Received the Title Buffalo Bill -- A Race for My Scalp -- A Great Shot -- Sauce for the Gander -- Run to Cover by Indians -- Sending up a Signal for Help

Champion Buffalo Killer -- A Match with Comstock -- A Dash into the Herd -- An Exhibition for the Ladies -- Riding a Naked Horse into the Herd -- Tragic Death of Comstock -- Brigham and I Part Company -- A Trick of Brigham's

Acting as Special Scout -- Captured by Indians -- A Clever Ruse Secures My Escape -- Stretching My Mule -- Ambushing the Pursuers -- Chief Satanta Threatens the Post -- Going on the War-Path -- Dispatch Bearer -- Off in the Dark -- Stumbling onto a Hornet's Nest -- An Interview with Sheridan -- A Long Ride -- A Dangerous Undertaking -- A Provoking Mule -- Getting Satisfaction

My Appointment as Chief of Scouts -- Running into a Band of Indians -- Bringing Live Buffaloes into Camp -- A Scared Irishman -- A Lively Shaking Up -- In Search of Indians -- A Crack Shot -- On the Trail -- Out in a Dry Country -- Surprised by Indians

A Hard Winter's Campaign -- A Rough March -- Making a Break Down a Canyon -- A Turkey Hunt with Clubs -- Rescue of a Starving Command -- Intercepting a Beer Train -- A Free Fight among the Scouts

Accused of Selling Government Horses -- Arrested and Thrown into the Guard House -- Captured by the Colored Troops -- Dispute over a Telegram -- In Pursuit of Horse Thieves -- The Thieves Run Down -- Escape and Wonderful Flight of a Thief -- An Extraordinary Run for Liberty -- A Successful Break in the Dark -- Breaking up the Gang

A Military Expedition -- Mixed on the Expenditures -- A Big Indian Trail -- Attack on the Courier -- A Lieutenant in Sharp Quarters -- Driving the Enemy before Us -- Re-enforced by Pawnee Scouts -- A Comical Sight -- Battle between Sioux and Pawnees -- Buckskin Joe -- The Indians Think Better of Me

A Desperate Fight -- A Charge through the Indian Village -- Corraled by Indians -- Killing of the Chief, Tall Bull -- Meeting with Ned Buntline -- Horse Racing in the Hostile Country -- The Trick of Powder-Face -- An Interesting Indian Tradition

Some Pleasing Novelties -- In Pursuit of Indian Horse Thieves -- Two Indians Bagged at a Single Shot -- A Tough Officer -- Pawnee Indians on Guard Duty -- A Red Hot Situation -- Appointed Justice of the Peace -- A Peculiar Writ of Replevin -- Performing a Marriage Ceremony -- A Run for Our Lives

Entertaining a Distinguished Party -- Putting on a Little Style for the Occasion -- An Attack on the Buffaloes -- An Accident to Leonard Jerome -- Charged with a Heinous Offense -- Still Pursuing the Enemy -- Camp-fire Chats -- A Little Joke on McCarthy -- Remains of the Murdered Buck Party -- Hunting with Grand Duke Alexis -- A Visit to Spotted Tail -- They Wanted to Lift My Hair -- Giving Duke Alexis the Cue -- Killing His First Buffalo -- Giving the Duke a Shaking Up -- Some Presents from the Duke

Scouting in a Swallow-tail Outfit -- A Great Trip East -- Banqueted at Chicago -- A Guest of the Union Club, New York -- A Masquerade Ball -- A Fellow that Looked Like Me -- My Embarrassment at the Theatre -- My First Appearance on the Stage -- Return to the West

Again on the Indian Trail -- A Charge on the Indians -- A Sharp Fight -- Wounded -- Hunting with an Ear -- A Party that Milligan Refused to Attend -- Roping a Buffalo -- Elected to the Legislature

An Actor -- Studying the Parts -- Now, Here's a How D'do -- Buntline's Versatility -- The Tide Taken at the Flood -- A Little Funny Business -- Criticisms of the Press -- Lively Experience of Wild Bill -- A Hunt with Mr. Medley -- Guide to the Third Cavalry -- On the Road Again -- Death of My Little Boy

Scouting with the Fifth Cavalry -- Indian Depredations -- Report of the Custer Massacre -- Causes Leading Thereto -- Custer's Reports -- Miners in the Black Hills -- Indians Supplied with Ammunition by the Government -- War Declared Against the Sioux -- Movement of Troops -- Crook Attacked by Sitting Bull -- Custer Selected to Strike the Blow -- Custer Strikes the Indians -- Hoping Against Hope -- The Massacre -- After the Murderers of Custer -- A Challenge -- My Duel with Yellow Hand -- A Moment of Great Danger -- The First Scalp for Custer -- Again in Pursuit of the Sioux -- A Little Dust Causes an Excitement -- Again on the Trail

Dangerous Work -- Scouting on a Steamboat -- A Ride Through the Bad Lands -- A Terrible Journey -- Lying Low -- Return to the Mimic Stage -- On a Round-up -- Putting Real Indians on the Stage

An Ambitious Enterprise -- Opening of the Wild West Show -- Nate Salsbury Joins Me as a Partner -- A Sketch of Salsbury's Active Life -- A Bigger Show Put on the Road -- The Show Dumped into the Mississippi -- Our Losses in New Orleans -- A Season in New York -- A Hazardous Undertaking -- Seeking New Worlds to Conquer -- We Sail for England -- Immense Excitement Created in London -- Visit of Her Majesty, Queen Victoria -- Her Majesty Salutes the American Flag -- A Race for $2500 -- An Enthusiastic Farewell -- Sailing for New York -- A Pathetic Incident at Sea -- Reception upon Our Arrival at New York -- The Joy of Stepping upon the Soil of Dear America Again -- Happy Meeting with Friends


The Autobiography of Buffalo Bill Continued

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