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Biden Agenda on The Line

October 22, 2021
Our panel dissects what’s included in Biden’s economic agenda and the voting rights battle

House impeachment managers emphasize the danger to Pence and other top officials in harrowing retelling of Jan. 6 attack

Karoun Demirjian, Amy Gardner, Felicia Sonmez, Paul Kane | The Washington Post
February 11, 2021
House impeachment managers on Wednesday led a rapt U.S. Senate on a harrowing retelling of the terror that engulfed the Capitol last month, sharing shocking new audio and video recordings of rioters declaring their intent to harm Vice President Mike Pence and other top officials — and showing how close they came to doing so.

Graphic Video of Capitol Attack Leaves Emotions Raw but May Not Change Votes

Peter Baker | The New York Times
February 11, 2021
It was ghastly to watch, but that was the point. A rampaging crowd threatening death as it hunted the vice president and speaker of the House. Senators spinning around midstep to run for their lives. Staff members barricading themselves in an office as attackers pounded on the door. Overwhelmed police officers retreating from rioters, desperately calling for help.

The First Trial Seemed Abstract. This One Is a Visceral Reckoning Over Trump.

Peter Baker | The New York Times
February 10, 2021
At issue will be many aspects that defined Donald Trump’s presidency: his relentless assaults on truth, his fomenting of divisions, his shattering of norms and his undermining of an election.

On a day of legal wrangling, the trauma of Jan. 6 becomes the centerpiece of Trump impeachment trial

Dan Balz | The Washington Post
February 10, 2021
The second impeachment trial of Donald Trump opened Tuesday heading toward what seemed a preordained conclusion. But as the day revealed, the events that led to this moment — Trump’s efforts to overturn an election and his role in inciting a mob that attacked the U.S. Capitol — will have left an indelible mark on his presidency and on the history of the country, no matter the trial’s outcome.

Senate says Trump's impeachment trial is constitutional

Abby Phillip | CNN
February 10, 2021
Following a vote to determine the constitutionality of an impeachment trial for a president who has already left office, a majority of the senators said the trial of former President Trump is constitutional.

Biden hopes Trump's impeachment won't derail agenda

Jeff Zeleny, Kevin Liptak, Arlette Saenz | CNN
February 9, 2021
As his predecessor is tried in the US Capitol this week for inciting a deadly riot, President Joe Biden will work to keep his first-100-days agenda on track from the other end of Pennsylvania Avenue.

The GOP is split over Trump, but the two wings aren't that different

Chuck Todd, Mark Murray, Carrie Dann and Melissa Holzberg | NBC News
February 9, 2021
As the Senate takes up Donald Trump’s impeachment trial — with little optimism among Democrats that the short list of Republicans open to breaking with the former president will grow — our NBC News poll from January showed that there is indeed an even split in the GOP between those more loyal to the party and those more loyal to Trump.