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Thursday's News: President Donald Trump continues to attack late Sen. John McCain, calls for the Mueller report to be released, and says U.S.-backed fighters in Syria will soon eliminate ISIS' control over any Syrian land.

Months After John McCain’s Death, Trump Keeps Feud With Him Alive by The New York Times' Maggie Haberman, Annie Karni and Michael Tackett

"It is an obsession he cannot seem to shake. Senator John McCain of Arizona has been dead for seven months, but President Trump’s feud with him is very much alive, and in front of a military audience at a tank plant here in Lima, Ohio, on Wednesday, he took it to a new level." https://nyti.ms/2Fj8ddi

Trump Says ‘Let People See’ Mueller’s Report When It’s Released by Bloomberg's Jennifer Jacobs

"President Donald Trump indicated he wants Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report made public after it’s submitted to Attorney General William Barr. “Let it come out,” Trump told reporters at the White House as he departed Wednesday for a fundraiser and public remarks in Ohio. “Let people see it. It’s up to the attorney general.” https://bloom.bg/2ULHU60

Trump Says Islamic State About to Lose Its Last Hold on Syrian Land by The Wall Street Journal's Nancy Youssef

"President Trump said the Islamic State extremist group would suffer its final territorial defeat by Wednesday evening, even as U.S.-backed fighters in Syria were still completing the battle against the militants." https://on.wsj.com/2CxfOUX

Former Trump confidante Hope Hicks to cooperate with House Democratic probe into Trump by CNN's Manu Raju, Jeremy Herb and Kara Scannell

"Hope Hicks, the former White House communications director and long-time confidante of President Donald Trump, plans to turn over documents to the House Judiciary Committee as part of its investigation into potential obstruction of justice." https://cnn.it/2HxCSXV

The Brexit mess gets messier as the deadline nears by The Washington Post's Dan Balz

"For more than two years, British Prime Minister Theresa May has been looking for a pair of exit ramps — one to successfully navigate her country out of the European Union, as called for by voters in a 2016 referendum, and another to avoid further damage to her deeply divided Conservative Party. The coming days will determine whether the damage to herself is irreparable." https://wapo.st/2HKSg2s