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Friday’s News:  President Trump disavows the chant heard at his Wednesday evening rally as the debate over the political pros and cons of his attack on four Democratic congresswomen continues, and Democrats prepare for Robert Mueller’s testimony while passing legislation to up the minimum wage to $15.

Trump Disavows "Send Her Back" Chant as GOP Frets Over Ugly Phrase by The New York Time's Julie Hirschfeld DavisMaggie Haberman and Michael Crowley

"Nervous Republicans, from senior members of Congress to his own daughter Ivanka, urged President Trump on Thursday to repudiate the “send her back” chant directed at a Somali-born congresswoman during his speech the night before at a rally in North Carolina, amid widespread fears that the rally had veered into territory that could hurt their party in 2020."  https://nyti.ms/2SnqVXm

Trump Strategy, Attacking 4 Congresswomen Of Color, Could Pay Off with NPRs Susan Davis

"This week proved President Trump is doubling down on his support among working class, white voters ahead of 2020. It's a risky political strategy, but it could be enough to deliver his reelection."  https://n.pr/2y74We9 

Democrats plot new plan to press Mueller on Trump's alleged crimes by CNN's Manu Raju

"House Democrats are intensely preparing a pointed line of questioning for Robert Mueller, banking that his testimony will shift public perception about the President's alleged criminal activity outlined in the special counsel's report, according to Democratic committee aides.." https://cnn.it/2O2gNVt

Democrats hope Mueller testimony will put bright spotlight on Trump’s efforts to derail investigation by The Washington Post's  Rosalind S. Helderman and Tom Hamburger

"Democratic lawmakers hope to use special counsel Robert S. Mueller III’s public testimony Wednesday to revisit dramatic episodes in which President Trump attempted to derail or interfere with the investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 election." https://wapo.st/2M1ql0s

House Passes Bill to Raise Minimum Wage to $15, a Victory for Liberals by The New York Times's  Sheryl Gay Stolberg and Jeanna Smialek

"The House voted Thursday to raise the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour by 2025, delivering a long-sought victory to liberals and putting the Democratic Party’s official imprimatur on the so-called Fight for $15, which many Democratic presidential candidates have embraced." https://nyti.ms/2JBNcOi