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Across the country, signs of death dominate AHCA protests

AHCA protesters demonstrate in Florida. [Instagram / brevarddems]

By Emily Wishingrad

“Nobody dies because they don’t have health care.” It was a bold statement that elicited audible boos from the constituents gathered at Rep. Raul Labrador’s town hall in Idaho last Friday. The Republican was defending his party’s American Health Care Act that passed in the House last week and will soon be debated in the Senate.

But many strongly disagree with Rep. Labrador, and are expressing their fear that people will die from lack of health care if AHCA becomes law. Across the nation, opponents of the bill are gathering to let their voices be heard. Some are aiming their concerns at their representatives who voted for the bill, while others are simply gathering in public spaces. But the message, in many cases, is clear: AHCA is deadly. Many protesters are even participating in “die-ins,” where groups gather, sprawled across the ground, holding tombstones detailing blood, skulls and medical conditions left uncovered by the bill.

Take a look at protest photos from across the country: