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Justice Breyer Retires and the Latest from Ukraine

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This week, Democrats prepared to fill retiring Justice Stephen Breyer’s Supreme Court seat and NATO balanced diplomatic negotiations with preparing for a potential Russian invasion of Ukraine.

On Thursday, Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer announced his retirement from the nation’s highest court. Breyer’s decision clears the way for President Biden to nominate a liberal replacement, and cues up a possible Senate fight to confirm the new justice before the November midterms. The president pledged to keep his campaign promise and nominate the first black woman to the bench.

 On Wednesday, the U.S. ambassador to Moscow hand delivered the Biden administration’s response to Russian security demands. The proposal rejected Russia’s ultimatum that Ukraine and Georgia be permanently barred from joining the alliance, and NATO significantly reduce its military presence in Eastern Europe. Russian diplomats said they needed time to study the proposal but Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov warned there were “few reasons for optimism.” The letter was delivered shortly after Assistant Secretary of State Wendy Sherman told an online forum that Russian President Vladimir Putin, “is going to use military force sometime . . . [between] now and the middle of February.” 

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