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President Trump's First 100 Days: In Words

By Joan E. Greve

Of the many promises that Donald Trump made as a presidential candidate, perhaps none has been more realized than this one: “We must as a nation become unpredictable.” President Trump’s first 100 days in office have been exactly that. From missile attacks in Syria to withdrawn health care bills in the House, the president and his administration have dominated headlines with their frequently surprising decisions.

Washington Week has tracked those developments through our “News You Need to Know” feature, which highlights the top stories our panelists have covered each day. As a representation of President Trump’s time in office so far, we compiled a list of the leading headline each day since he took office and created a word cloud. The result reflects some of the most central — and most neglected — components of the early Trump presidency. While “Gorsuch” appears six times in the list, “Republican” appears only once. And despite the president’s campaign trail promises of defeating the Islamic State, “ISIS” received only one mention in the top headlines.

The word cloud, like a president’s first 100 days, provides only a brief snapshot into a much more intricate process. But both can be read for signs of what might be to come from the president who is at the center of it all — literally.