Washington Week

Friday Nights on PBS

Robert Costa's Notebook: Thankful, two years on

Wow, two years. Two years since I first sat down at our table in Northern Virginia as the new moderator of “Washington Week.”

Ever since, it’s been a terrific ride.

Friday nights, which used to be relatively sleepy, have suddenly become breaking news nights in the Trump era. Instead of being frustrated by the rapid pace, our team has embraced the challenge and worked hard to provide you with the best possible discussion at the end of what are often grueling weeks for political reporters.

We’ve covered everything from the Mueller probe to dramatic firings at the White House. We’ve covered Congress, the midterm elections, and the start of the 2020 presidential race. Most importantly, we’ve regularly covered what really matters to most Americans: health care, the economy, and national security. We've gone beyond politics to dig into the consequences of policy decisions.

Along the way, our audience has been with us at every step, encouraging me and being open to small changes on a program that has such a wonderful tradition on PBS. You’ve rooted for me as I’ve transitioned from being a “print guy” to “print guy plus TV host,” and forgiven little stumbles. We’ve also had a lot of fun, bringing in new voices and keeping the conversation lively, smart, and focused.

My visits to PBS stations across the country have been invigorating and special, as are the friendships I’ve built with hardworking and dedicated public-media professionals in places like Milwaukee, New York, San Diego, Las Vegas, among many others. This program may be called “Washington Week,” but its heart is the PBS family and audience far beyond the Beltway.

As I begin year three, I am filled with gratitude and truly honored every Friday to sit down at that table. I know you are there with me, listening and nodding — and sometimes disagreeing. But we are all there together, covering or thinking through the first draft of history.

What a week. What a time to be alive. Stay with us.