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This week on Washington Week: Acosta resigns, immigration crackdown

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President Donald Trump accepted the resignation of Labor Secretary Alex Acosta on Friday amid controversy over a lenient plea deal he made with attorneys for millionaire Jeffrey Epstein in a 2008 sex crimes case. The plea deal Acosta brokered when he was U.S. Attorney in Miami made headlines this week after a federal court in New York indicted Epstein on new child sex trafficking charges. 

Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents are reportedly planning to carry out deportation raids this weekend. The nationwide operation was to have begun a week ago but was postponed partly because of resistance among border patrol and immigration officials. The immigration crackdown follows President Trump's decision to abandon his efforts to add a citizenship question to the 2020 census and instead collect information from federal government databases.

Plus, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi tries to tamp down reports of a feud between her and progressive freshmen lawmakers dubbed the Squad.

Robert Costa will get insight and analysis from:

Kimberly Atkins of WBUR

Paula Reid of CBS News

Philip Rucker of The Washington Post

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