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This Week on Washington Week: Domestic Divisions and Foreign Threats


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This week, President Biden contended with more COVID confusion and an escalation in the Russia-Ukraine crisis. And new reporting raised questions about former President Trump’s handling of White House records—including some documents marked top secret and classified. 

On Friday, the PBS NewsHour reported that American officials believe Russian President Vladimir Putin has chosen to invade Ukraine and has given those plans to the Russian military. White House officials pushed back and said the U.S. did not have intel that a final decision had been made by Putin. But, Jake Sullivan, the National Security Advisor,  warned U.S. citizens to leave the country and said Putin could begin military actions at any time. Earlier in the week, Russia sent warships to the Black Sea and began war games with its neighbor and ally Belarus.

On Wednesday, the National Archives asked the Justice Department to investigate former President Trump’s handling of documents. Trump is reported to have attempted to rip some paper documents up and flush others down the toilet, and the Archives had to recover 15 boxes of materials and items Mr. Trump took to his home in Florida. And on Thursday, it was reported the House committee investigating the Jan. 6 Capitol attack has discovered gaps in White House phone records from that day. 
Meanwhile, a convoy of truck drivers and protesters is blocking several border crossings from Canada into the U.S., disrupting the flow of goods and people, and causing tensions to rise in the debate over COVID vaccines and mask mandates. At the same time, multiple Democratic governors have announced plans to end mask mandates, causing confusion while the Biden Administration has not moved from its mask mandate recommendations.  And President Biden has his hands full assuring Americans the country is on the road to recovery, as the pandemic and supply issues push inflation to its highest level since 1982.

And on the Washington Week Extra, CNN Correspondent Omar Jimenez joins the panel to discuss the Amir Locke shooting, the hate crimes trial of Ahmaud Arbery’s killers, and the ongoing battle for racial justice. 

Moderator Yamiche Alcindor will discuss this and more with:

  • Margaret Brennan, Moderator of Face the Nation and Chief Foreign Affairs Correspondent for CBS News 
  • Errin Haines, Editor At Large for the 19th
  • Philip Rucker, Deputy National Editor for the Washington Post 
  • Vivian Salama, National Security Reporter for The Wall Street Journal


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