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This Week on Washington Week: Michael Flynn lies to the FBI, tax bill dominates Capitol Hill

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We lead with the bombshell news that Gen. Michael T. Flynn, former national security advisor and a key member of the Trump campaign team, pleaded guilty Friday to lying to the FBI about the contact he had with a Russian ambassador last December before President Trump took office.

And as the self-imposed Republican deadline to pass tax legislation draws closer, passage of a Senate bill looks likely.  The road to passage has been rocky, as the internal division on a host of issues including slashing corporate tax rates, property tax deductions, the individual health care mandate, child tax credit, and the projected deficit was addressed. 

Robert Costa will discuss Republican tax negotiations, the repercussions of the legislation for Americans, and what Michael Flynn’s guilty plea means to him and the Trump presidency with:

Michael Crowley of POLITICO

Shawna Thomas of VICE News

Alexis Simendinger of The Hill

Jonathan Swan of Axios 

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On this week’s WASHINGTON WEEK EXTRA, we discuss the sexual harassment and abuse complaints circling around Capitol Hill.

During a week when Congress passed a resolution requiring lawmakers and staff to complete annual anti-harassment training, Nancy Pelosi called for civil rights icon, Rep. John Conyers, D-Mich., to resign amid a tumult of accusations of sexual misconduct, Sen. Al Franken, D-Minn., returned to Washington from the Thanksgiving break in an apologetic mood, and many Republicans including President Trump have begun to circle their wagons around Alabama Senate Candidate Roy Moore.

Robert Costa will discuss the sexual harassment and abuse complaints circling around Capitol Hill and why the world of politics seems immune from the rapid response to claims gripping other industries with:

Michael Scherer of The Washington Post 

Alexis Simendinger of The Hill

Shawna Thomas of VICE News

Jonathan Swan of Axios