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This Week on Washington Week: President Biden Pulls Troops From Afghanistan As Police Killing Sparks Protests

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President Joe Biden is making major foreign policy moves this week. On Wednesday, he announced the U.S. would fully withdraw all remaining troops from Afghanistan by September 11, 2021, the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. And on Thursday, he will introduce new sanctions against Russia as retaliation for its election interference and hacking efforts. He is also set to have his first in-person bilateral meeting on Friday with the prime minister of Japan, where China is sure to be a topic. We’re seeing a shift in U.S. foreign policy toward re-establishing dominance on the world stage.

The eyes of a nation have been on Minnesota this week, as it deals with the fallout of the deaths of two Black men at the hands of police officers. As the trial of Derek Chauvin plays out over the killing of George Floyd last year, Daunte Wright was fatally shot in a suburb just ten miles away by a police officer. In Washington, the Biden administration has affirmed its support for police reform but punted on taking action. Is delaying on that campaign promise right now the right move?

And all of this unfolds as the U.S. continues its race to vaccinate the public against COVID-19. The FDA and CDC recommended pausing the rollout of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine after reports of six cases of blood clots in young women. What does this pause mean for herd immunity and vaccine hesitancy? How will it affect the road to recovery for the nation after a year of pandemic life?

Nancy Cordes, Chief White House Correspondent for CBS News, is our guest moderator this week. She will be joined by:

  • Eugene Daniels, White House Correspondent for POLITICO and Co-Author of “Playbook”
  • Anne Gearan, White House Correspondent for The Washington Post
  • Kasie Hunt, Capitol Hill Correspondent for NBC News and Host of “Way Too Early” on MSNBC
  • Wesley Lowery, Correspondent for 60 Minutes+

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