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This Week on Washington Week: President Biden on the World Stage & Congress Negotiates A Domestic Agenda

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President Joe Biden is back in Washington after Wednesday’s historic summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Biden pressed Putin on a range of issues, including recent ransomware cyberattacks, Russian interference in U.S. elections, human rights violations, and Ukraine’s sovereignty. While there were no immediate major policy agreements from the summit, the two countries did agree to return their ambassadors to each other’s capitals. What did we learn from this week’s summit about the Biden foreign policy doctrine? And where does the U.S. relationship with Russia and European allies go from here?

Stateside in Washington this week, a bipartisan group of at least 20 senators has signaled agreement to a $1 trillion compromise on infrastructure funding. Leaders on both sides are hopeful the framework could be used for a deal that could pass in Congress. And Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.V.) introduced a new proposal to address voting rights and democracy issues. Manchin aimed for the proposal to win bipartisan support, but Republicans have already voiced criticism.

And the Supreme Court issued key rulings this week as its term winds down. The Court ruled that Republican-led states do not have standing to mount another challenge to the Affordable Care Act and unanimously ruled that the city of Philadelphia acted unconstitutionally in ending a contract to provide foster care services to a Catholic group that refused to work with same-sex couples. What do these rulings mean? And what else could we see from the Court this term?

Joining moderator Yamiche Alcindor with more insight and analysis this Friday:

  • Kaitlan Collins, Chief White House Correspondent for CNN
  • Anne Gearan, White House Correspondent for The Washington Post
  • Garrett Haake, Capitol Hill Correspondent for NBC News
  • Pete Williams, Justice Correspondent for NBC News

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