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This Week on Washington Week: President Biden's First Trip Abroad

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President Joe Biden embarked on his first trip abroad as president this week. He’s in Cornwall, England for the G7 meeting. The president has big goals for the trip as he is seeking to boost America’s standing in the world and rally allies around the cause of democracy ahead of a meeting next week with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

But there are new challenges for the president as many countries are unsure of how the U.S. will move forward after four years of former President Donald Trump’s “America First” policies. Will Biden be able to make inroads in his battle between democracy and authoritarianism? And looking ahead to next week’s summit, how will Biden address Russian aggression on issues including human rights, Ukraine and hacks into U.S. infrastructure?

And Vice President Kamala Harris also traveled abroad this week as she continues to focus on trying to address the root causes of the uptick in the number of migrants coming to the U.S.-Mexico border. But Harris has drawn criticism from Democrats and Republicans alike for her handling of the issue, with progressives upset that Harris told prospective migrants, “do not come.” How is the vice president handling her first trip abroad? And what did her comments signal about the administration’s policy on immigration?

Yamiche Alcindor will be moderating from Cornwall, where she is reporting on the president’s trip. She will be joined by Ed O’Keefe, Senior White House and Political Correspondent of CBS News, our guest co-moderator in Washington.

Joining them with more insight and analysis:

  • Jonathan Martin, National Political Correspondent for The New York Times
  • Anna Palmer, Founder of Punchbowl News and Host of the Daily Punch Podcast
  • Vivian Salama, National Security Reporter for The Wall Street Journal