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This week on Washington Week: President Donald Trump offers Afghanistan strategy, holds rally in Arizona

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President Donald Trump debriefed the country this week on his plan to expand the U.S. role in the 16-year-old war in Afghanistan.  

The president offered few specifics in terms of a timeline or how many additional troops will be deployed. The strategy is a sharp reversal from Mr. Trump's campaign promise to pull out of Afghanistan.    

The president’s week continued with a campaign-style rally in Arizona, where he railed against the political establishment including Republicans in Congress, reiterated his remarks on recent violence in Charlottesville, and threatened to shut down the government if he does not get funding for a border wall.

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And according to The Wall Street Journal, the White House will soon release more guidance to the Pentagon on Trump’s call to ban transgender people in the military.  The plan would prohibit transgender people from enlisting in the armed forces and would discontinue medical care for current transgender service people. 

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