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This week on Washington Week: Republicans rebuke President Trump, Pelosi's anti-impeachment strategy

President Donald Trump is vowing to veto a measure to terminate his national emergency declaration. The disapproval resolution is the first of two bipartisan rebukes of President Trump this week. The House also passed a measure to urge the Justice Department to release special counsel Robert Mueller's final report to the public. Is there a Republican rebellion brewing on Capitol Hill and can President Trump hold the GOP together?

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced this week that she opposes impeachment and believes Democrats have a better chance of ousting President Trump at the ballot box. Her remarks come just one week after House Democrats launched a sweeping corruption probe into Trump and the White House and sent letters to 81 individuals and entities requesting documents. What's behind Pelosi's anti-impeachment strategy?

Robert Costa will get the latest reporting and analysis on these stories from:

Bob Woodward, The Washington Post

Margaret Brennan, CBS News' "Face the Nation"

Susan Davis, NPR

Jake Sherman, POLITICO