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This Week on Washington Week: The Second Impeachment Trial of Former President Trump

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One year ago, the Senate voted to acquit then-President Donald Trump in his first impeachment trial. He was bolstered by Republican leadership, who rallied around him to prevent removal from office. Now Trump faces impeachment again with a much smaller group of Republicans behind him.

This week, House impeachment managers crafted a searing argument in favor of conviction. They charted how Trump’s incendiary claims that the election was stolen escalated in the months before January 6th. Using never-before-seen surveillance footage, they reconstructed how the armed mob broke into the Capitol and searched for lawmakers in hopes of overturning the election. But Republicans, who face a reckoning in their own ranks over Trump’s hold on the party, say they are wary of punishing political speech and are doubtful that Trump’s rhetoric rose to the level of incitement. Can Democrats convince 17 Republicans to vote against the former standard bearer of their party?

Joining guest moderator and ABC News Chief Washington Correspondent Jonathan Karl on this historic week

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