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This Week on Washington Week: Trump assembles billion dollar cabinet and announces deal to save jobs while Congressional Democrats plan Pelosi-led opposition

President-elect Donald Trump continues to announce the team that will help him implement his agenda once he takes office in January.  The nation’s first billionaire president is assembling what could be the richest cabinet in U.S. history.  In stark contrast to his populist campaign message, his economic team has deep ties to Wall Street and could indicate he’ll pursue an agenda of tax cuts and fewer regulations.  Meanwhile, Trump must untangle himself from his broad international business interests.  And just this week, the president-elect announced a deal with air conditioning manufacturer Carrier that will keep 1,000 jobs from leaving Indiana for Mexico in exchange for $7 million in tax incentives.

On Capitol Hill, Rep. Nancy Pelosi survived a leadership challenge from a younger, more moderate member of the Democratic minority who argued for change after 14 years of Pelosi’s leadership.  The progressive California lawmaker will lead the House Democrats in opposing the policies of the incoming Trump administration and Republican-led Congress. Republicans have signaled their plans to vastly overhaul some of President Obama’s signature achievements including health care.

In his final few weeks in office, President Obama is planning to implement several new executive actions to solidify his legacy.  But many of proposed regulations on air pollution, use of public lands and energy efficiency can be reversed or rolled back by Trump when he takes office in January. How will the new administration affect Obama’s policies, including the restored diplomatic relations with Cuba after the death of Fidel Castro?

We’ll get reporting and analysis from:

Amy Walter of The Cook Political Report
Carrie Budoff Brown of POLITICO
Philip Rucker of The Washington Post
Manu Raju of CNN
Carol Lee of The Wall Street Journal

Learn more about the people Donald Trump is selecting to serve in his cabinet: 
Treasury Secretary: Steven Mnuchin
Attorney General: Jeff Sessions
Transportation Secretary: Elaine Chao
Education Secretary: Betsy DeVos
Health and Human Services Secretary: Tom Price
Chief of Staff: Reince Priebus