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This Week on Washington Week: Voter Rights and COVID-19

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Washington Week we'll be covering the ongoing conversation surrounding the fight for voting rights across the nation, following President Biden's historic speech in Philadelphia Tuesday. He called on Republican leadership to consider how these bills will target mail-in and early voting, while also placing further restrictions on voter registration efforts. The president also said that the fight against restrictive voting laws was the "most significant test of our democracy since the Civil War."

Meanwhile, the pandemic continues to ravage large parts of the U.S. as cases of the Delta variant of the COVID -19 virus are on the rise. And the Biden Administration battles against misinformation and ramp up vaccination efforts.

All this comes as Washington responds to several new books that provide an inside look into former President Donald Trump’s handling of the early stages of the pandemic and the racial unrest in the nation following the murder of George Floyd.

Joining moderator Yamiche Alcindor with more insight and analysis on these stories:

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