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This Week on Washington Week: What to expect from the 116th Congress

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On the next Washington Week:  What to expect from the 116th Congress.

As new, returning, retiring and defeated members of Congress spend this Thanksgiving weekend with family and put the 2018 midterm campaign behind them, moderator Robert Costa and his roundtable of congressional reporters look ahead to the 116th Congress.

In January, Democrats will seize control of the House and Republicans will begin the next term with a strengthened Senate majority. While there is hope some bipartisan deals can be made, there is a sharp divide between Democrats and President Donald Trump over critical issues like immigration and health care. Democrats have also vowed to investigate the President and his administration.  

Robert Costa will discuss a divided government in the age of President Trump with:

Jake Sherman of POLITICO

Lisa Desjardins of the PBS NewsHour

Manu Raju of CNN, and

Erica Werner of The Washington Post