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What could you buy with $1.4 billion?

By Jenna Goff and Joan Greve
Washington Week Fellows

As the race for the White House heats up in the wake of the conventions, candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are raising more money than ever. The Clinton campaign recently announced it raised nearly $90 million in July, while the Trump campaign trailed only slightly behind at $80 million. But this is just a small fraction of the total money raised by the candidates and their campaigns. Including money raked in by super PACs, the total amount of money raised this election season is $1.39 billion. What could you buy with that much money? We crunched the numbers.

Donald Trump brand suits
Retail price: $279.99

of the Armani tweed jacket worn by Hillary Clinton
Retail price: $12,495

Boeing 757 private jets like Donald Trump’s airplane
Bought for: $100 million

houses like the one in Washington, DC, owned by Bill and Hillary Clinton
Estimated value: $6,568,006

Trump Towers
Valued at: $530 million

More than five times what the Clinton Foundation raises in a year
Amount raised in 2013: $262 million

of Donald Trump's net worth, according to Forbes
Estimated net worth: $4.5 billion

55.6 million 
"Make America Great Again" hats
Retail price: $25

278 million
Hillary Clinton "woman cards"
Retail price: $5

2.9 billion
Retail price: $0.47

445 million gallons of milk
Average retail price: $3.12

25,905 times the average household income
2014 average household income: $53,657

new homes
Average cost of a new home in 2016: $358,200

Enough food to feed 9.2 million American families for one week
Average amount American families spend on food in one week: $151