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FULL EPISODE: Trump administration rolls out merit-based immigration proposal, United States reaches deal with Canada and Mexico on tariffs

May 17, 2019
After the Trump administration reached an agreement with Canada and Mexico to lift tariffs on steel and aluminum being shipped to the United States, the panelists discussed if the move could jolt the negotiations to end the trade war between the U.S. and China. The show’s conversation also turned to President Donald Trump’s new merit-based immigration proposal, the rising tensions between the United States and Iran, and the Republican-led state legislature’s recent passing of a near-total ban on abortion.

Fallout from the Mueller report continues, tariffs rise after U.S. and China fail to reach trade deal

May 10, 2019
The panelists discussed President Donald Trump's move to assert executive privilege over the release of special counsel Robert Mueller's full report as some Democratic leaders declare that the country is in a "constitutional crisis." Plus, the conversation turned to the ongoing trade battle between China and the United States after the two countries failed to reach a trade deal.

Attorney General William Barr under fire, tensions escalate between Congress and the White House

May 3, 2019
As tensions between the Trump administration and Capitol Hill continue to escalate over special counsel Robert Mueller’s report, the panelists recapped Attorney General Bill Barr’s testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee this week, along with the impact of a recently released letter from the special counsel to the attorney general. The conversation also turned to discussing if the White House would allow Mueller and McGahn to testify to Congress.

The end of the special counsel’s investigation, but the start of a political war

April 19, 2019
After the release of Mueller’s report this week, the panelists discussed what the report reveals, the questions it raises, and the impact it may have on the Trump presidency.

FULL EPISODE: Border battle, fallout from the Mueller report continues

April 5, 2019
The panelists discussed President Donald Trump walking backing his threat to close border, the continued fallout surrounding the Mueller report, and allegations made against former Vice President Joe Biden.

Fallout from the Mueller probe continues

March 29, 2019
AG Barr says no Trump-Russia collusion.